Fab Lab Wgtn’s DIY-biolab project documentation. FAB FUNgus

The instigating team includes mycologist Alison Stringer, and designers Wendy Neale and Craig Hobern.

The project is part of our overarching Resilience Project, which is focussed on examining current wasteful practices. Since 2013, much of our food and wood waste is diverted to our on-site worm farms rather than taken off-site for disposal.

Fungi from Otari are being used in an exciting research project to create food and other materials from clean waste streams. Pure cultures of wood rotting fungi from Otari-Wilton’s Bush are key to the success of the project, linking the natural world with contemporary design practice.

Our aims are to cultivate edible fungi on wood waste and other clean waste like coffee grinds and excess paper. Experimenting with creating our own biomaterials and speeding up compost production will also be part of the project. We aim to involve the broader community in this experiment, so keep your eyes open for updates if you’d like to be involved.